Remember, It's Ok: Loss of a Sibling or Friend

Remember, It's Ok: Loss of a Sibling or Friend

Marina L. Reed, Marian Grace Boyd


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Losing a sibling can feel like missing a piece of yourself. Losing a friend can feel exactly the same, often without the validation from family and friends. The bond that connects us to people we love is strong and their loss creates a hole in our lives. It can feel like that hole is bottomless. It’s not. Remember, It’s OK. You are not alone. This book will help you find your way back. We are here for you.


Marina L. Reed:
Marina L. Reed (honB.A., M.A., B.Ed.) grew up in rural Ontario. She has since lived and worked in countries around the world as an educator, a journalist, writer, and artist. She brings her skills as a writer, experiences of loss in her own life, and those of others, to cocreate Remember, It’s OK. She is a great lover of nature, of animals, and the empowerment of individuals. Follow her at|||Marian Grace Boyd (B.R.E., B.A.Psych, M.A. Counselling Psych.) was born in Switzerland, lived in Chad, Africa, and then settled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Marian has 30+ years experience as a psychotherapist, adoption practitioner, and grief counsellor. She brings her formal training and experiences of grief together in order to cocreate Remember, It’s OK. Marian is passionate about helping people find peace. Follow her on Instagram/rememberitisok.